The Build Process

Initial Consultation, Sketch, and Individualized Price

We work with potential Tiny House owners to sketch the home that will best meet the owners needs, wants, and budget.  The design stage can be completed in person, emails, by phone, and text messaging depending upon how a customer prefers to communicate.  All final design decisions will be in writing and agreed upon by all parties.  Because we custom build each home,  we do not have models with set prices.

Scheduling the Build

We want to be your Tiny House on Wheels builder!

Construction Phase

  • We will begin construction once financial arrangements have been completed by the new owner.  
  • We only build on custom tiny house trailers. 
  • We build 16" on center for walls, floor, and roof and use hurricane straps and ties for strong structural rigidity.
  • We use residential insulation in the walls, floor, and roof.  
  • We install a moisture barrier on the bottom of the trailer. 
  • We use plywood sheathing and decking with a moisture barrier/house wrap prior to installing the siding and roof color of the customers choice.
  • We use metal for all our roofs.
  • We install standard plumbing ready to be connected to your sewage or we will build with holding tanks, composting toilet, etc. for additional cost.
  • We install a Mini Split Heat Pump for both cooling and heating.  We install other options per custom preferences.
  • Homes will include a Tankless Propane Water heater.
  • Lofts and custom built furnishings are available at an addition cost.
  • Standard interior furnishings will include fully finished cabinets, kitchen sink, appropriately sized refrigerator, cook stove or cook top, completed bathroom, tongue and groove, shiplap, or other suitable wall covering, Mini Split Heat Pump, and good quality floor coverings.
  • We will build to any stage for the "DIYers."

Touring Current Build and Open Houses

  • Touring our current build is available by appointment.  
  • We ask that you be respectful of the homes during an open house as they are most likely awaiting pickup/delivery to their new owner.